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Fast and easy to apply

Nice aesthetics

It withstands heavy traffic of pedestrian

It withstands traffic of light vehicles

It allows pigments to give colour to the aggregates

High draining capacity, avoiding puddles and flooding and contributing to the non-slip floor

Resistant to frost and thaw

Environmental friendly product: It does not contaminate the soil with rain or irrigation water. Harmless to nature and to human health

Continuous surfaces (not like pavers)

Low maintenance cost (alternative to grass)

In the case of application for tree pits, this system solves all the many problems that have the present tree pits in the cities:

It eliminates urban barriers: The installation of permeable pavement extends the urban space in sidewalks at very low cost.

It saves water: Permeable pavement can save up to 75% of water intended for irrigation as it generates a microclimates and prevents evapotranspiration.

Cleaning: Installation of permeable pavement prevents the accumulation of garbage and excrements in the tree pits. The garbage collection will be easier and the cost will be lower.

It avoids the metal grids to be stolen or used by violent protesters for vandalism.

Urban security: Permeable pavement prevents falls of persons, especially blind people, women who wear shoes with heels and kids, reducing the rates of accidents.